What Is New-Build Snagging?

Did you know that purchasing a new-build property doesn’t necessarily mean it is ready to move into? It is highly likely that a few things might have been missed during the property construction process especially concerning the type of house you as a buyer would like. That’s exactly why you need new build snagging.

Snagging involves going through a checklist to make sure that the minor fixes and repairs are done. This should be done at most two weeks before the designated completion date of a housing project.

It is the work of a snagging inspector to carry out the new build snagging surveys. However, if you are confident you can point out areas that need improvement, why don’t you go ahead and do it.

After a snagging inspector has done is through with their work, the list would be handed over to the property developer. If you are buying the property, some of the repairs would have to be in line with your own individual needs. After all, you want to move into a ready home, not one that would require renovations from the get-go.

As you can see, it is foolhardy to occupy a new house without first doing new-build snagging. Anything that would assure you of quality should come first.